Retailers Re:Think Energy Management Best Practices

This week’s PRSM show guide nicely summarizes the challenges facing the maintenance professional today:

Daniel Fleming is "re-thinking" his pet choice at this year's PRSM conference. Daniel Fleming is “re-thinking” his pet choice at this year’s PRSM conference.

“You face daily challenges that call upon you to handle employees of all ages and backgrounds, technology that seems to change right before your very eyes, and the demand of an increasingly complex retail environment.”

That’s why the theme of the show is “Re:Think,” and all of the sessions are about how to handle real-time changes impacting the industry.  EnTouch Controls was happy to play a small role in this rethinking through the publication of a use case on one of our innovative customers.

Even though we have many great retail customers such as McCoys Lumber and Francesca’s clothing stores, PRSM decided to learn from outside the industry and used a very innovative case study on the family restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheese.

The case study looked at how to control energy costs in older buildings that were outfitted with dated equipment.  Energy is a big cost for all retailers, but for Chuck E. Cheese, its especially so given that a lot of the draw is playing video games and other electronic entertainment that really keeps the energy meter spinning.

Because the building was older, cost of a retrofit was extremely important.  Wiring the entire facility just for a new EMS wasn’t in the budget, so the best practice focused on implementing a wireless EMS that also leveraged cloud computing so that no new computer equipment needed to be bought and maintained.

After implementing the EMS, the customer saved nearly $10,000 per year in energy costs and was able to conduct more extensive maintenance reviews. Another benefit – unique to Chuck E. Cheese – was the availability of data on energy usage that management could send to video game developers so that new video games so that they would be energy efficient.

Your store may not need new video games, but if you are considering a major investment in a new piece of energy efficient equipment or new lighting, having this detailed data can help you to calculate a precise ROI.

If you are rethinking your energy usage situation and would like to read the entire best practice, please send us an email and we can send the document to you.

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