Reliant Energy Management Plan Means BIG Savings for Texas Small Businesses

PrintThis morning we shared the news that we’ve teamed with Texas-based electric retailer Reliant Energy, to deliver its first energy management-based electricity plan for small businesses.

This is great news for Texas small businesses and part of a nationwide trend.  Energy Star estimates that implementing an energy management system will save the average retail or restaurant business over $5,000 per location and increase revenue by 0.89%.

When customers sign up for a Reliant Business Smart Controls plan, they will receive the IntelliTools™ Controller powered by EnTouch Controls, a smart thermostat designed for commercial applications that is part of our award winning EnTouch Controls Energy Management System.

Levels of the plan come with one, two or three controllers, or more as needed with custom solutions. The controller allows users to remotely manage automated equipment to reduce electricity usage.

Through easy-to-use monitoring, alerts and controls, business customers have the potential to reduce their electricity usage by 15 percent, according to an EnTouch study*.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting announcement as Reliant and EnTouch have plans to collaborate in the coming weeks to release similar technology solutions suited for commercial and industrial customers.

In the meantime, for more information about the Reliant Smart Controls plan, visit


*Usage reduction is based on an EnTouch study of one customer’s annual electricity and HVAC usage in 2012 as compared to 2011 usage data. Usage reduction and savings are not guaranteed and are contingent upon, among other factors, customers taking action on proposed opportunities for optimization

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