PRSM 2013: Helping Retail Stores Balance Energy Costs and Customer Comfort

When it comes to energy management, retail stores and restaurants have one thing in common – both have to walk a fine line between customer comfort and energy savings.

That’s what makes these types of businesses great candidates for energy management systems.  We got confirmation of this belief while we were at the PRSM 2013 National Conference, which is run every year by the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association.

According to the organization’s 2012 Trends Report: “change and innovation within the industry continues at a rapid pace.” Two areas of impact identified in the report, are energy efficiency and computer-assisted facility maintenance.  Both of these trends are driving demand for EMSs.

Even though all of the big EMS players were there, EnTouch stood out as having the only system that is geared for smaller facilities. Some of the reps from the big companies, in fact, brought over their prospects to show them how the EnTouch EMS could augment their own systems.

One trend we noted was that retail chains with multiple stores are expanding the responsibilities of their facilities directors.  Increasingly, they are called operations directors and are overseeing maintenance and new building, among other tasks.

These folks spend a lot of time on the road, and were particularly interested in our EnTouch Cloud services.  They liked the ability to aggregate data from multiple facilities to get a big picture view of energy consumption – with the ability to drill down to a particular store if required.  And to do it all from their smartphone, PC or tablet on the road.

Meeting PRSM professionals and hearing their challenges has made us even more excited to spread the word about the EnTouch EMS to these professionals and to look forward to being a part of next year’s show.

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