New Support Service Makes Energy Management Easier Than Ever

PRODUCTS - EnTouch smartappsWe’ve talked in previous blog posts about the fact that many facility managers don’t necessarily understand their energy usage. This is either due to the fact that the accounting department handles all of the billing and facility managers never see their energy bill, or even if they do, they’re unaware of what is “normal” and how to spot inefficiencies in their HVAC systems.

While energy management systems (EMS) provide facility managers better access to this information, truly understanding the data and troubleshooting HVAC issues may require a more skilled hand. Enter our EnTouch 360°™, a new support service that assists in managing the energy and maintenance costs of facilities to increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs for national chains without requiring additions to existing operations staff. Here’s an except from last week’s press release:

“The EnTouch 360° service connects facility managers with expert technicians 24/7 who help to remotely troubleshooting and diagnose facility performance issues.  Many times our alerting systems actually detects these issues before employees in the facility, speeding resolution and minimizing the impact on business energy costs.”

The EnTouch 360° service team tracks facility performance in real time, contacting business owners when needed, and then manages issues through a state of the art ticketing and resolution service.  Business owners and facility staff are free to focus on other business needs.

The EnTouch 360° service is available now. Pricing for the new service is per facility and starts at as low as a few dollars per facility per day.  For more information, please visit

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