How EMS Can Easily Increase Efficiency of HVAC Systems in Aging Facilities

EnTouch is headed to Building Operating Management’s NFMT 2014 conference March 4-6, 2014, at the Baltimore Convention Center where we’ll share a fresh perspective on energy management for schools and government buildings.

Did you know that the Modular Building Institute has reported that there are an estimated 300,000 portable classrooms in use in school districts across North America? Though these facilities were meant to be temporary, many have been used for many more years than intended. As for government buildings, more than half of U.S. federal government buildings are 50 years old or older.

A common issue for these aging buildings is outdated and inefficient HVAC systems. But updating the HVAC systems can be a hassle and is often too overwhelming for facility managers to consider. But EnTouch is changing that with the simplicity of its energy management platforms and services.

One school district in Florida recently set out to tackle these issues by working with Stromquist & Company, a nationwide distributor of temperature controls and industrial instrumentation equipment and the leading distributor of EnTouch Controls energy management systems (EMS).

Through installation of the EnTouch One EMS, the school district was able to centralize control of the local thermostats in its 900 portable school buildings, which gave facility managers the ability to enact money saving policies, like raising the average temperature from 72 degrees to 76 degrees. The EnTouch system also helped facility management make the most of its maintenance resources because it provides precise information about the problem so the right person can be dispatched at the right time.

In addition to its EMS, EnTouch offers its EnTouch 360°™ service that connects facility managers with expert technicians 24/7 who help to remotely troubleshooting and diagnose facility performance issues. And right now, facility managers can try a risk-free energy management assessment, which provides an up-front evaluation of the energy and maintenance cost savings from installing an EMS in a specific facility.

What makes EnTouch a perfect solution for these aging buildings is the thermostat is wireless, making installation easier than ever, data is delivered via the cloud so there’s no need for new servers and with the experts services facility staff can focus on other issues besides HVAC.

So stop by our booth #2573 and find out how EnTouch can help your facility.

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