01. 17. 2014

Why We Believe EnTouch One is a Winner

TouchScreenEnTouchPic.Soon, we’ll be packing up to head to the AHR show and specifically to attend the Control Trends award ceremony on Jan. 21 where our EnTouch One energy management system is a finalist for the “Thermostat of the Year” award.

Just to be nominated is a distinction in itself. And with that, we’d like to thank our customers for trusting EnTouch and the EnTouch One.

Why do we think the EnTouch One should win this award, you ask?

Well, according to industry estimates, “retail buildings in the U.S. use an average of 14 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square foot of electricity annually… and in a typical retail building, lighting, cooling, and heating represent about 60 percent of total use.”

Our EnTouch One energy management system (EMS) platform tackles this major industry issue by delivering total facility intelligence with HVAC and lighting controls, real time energy and refrigeration monitoring, plus more.

EnTouch One is a low-cost retrofit and allows retail, restaurant and other small commercial facilities to save about 30% on energy annually and significantly reduce their impact on the environment.  Because the EnTouch One system communicates wirelessly, retrofit installations are quick and painless so you don’t experience a disruption in your business during installation.

When you partner all of these benefits with the fact that you can have instant visibility and control of all of your facilities from one management portal via a computer or mobile app, you have a first class, affordable energy management solution that can’t be beat.

We certainly believe the EnTouch One is a winner, but we have to wait until Jan. 21 to find out if the judges agrees. Thank you to everyone that voted for EnTouch – stay tuned to find out if we won!

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