07. 2. 2013

We’ve Found a Better Way to Bring Energy Efficiency to Small Businesses

Our announcements last week about the new EnTouch Elite and a new energy efficiency power bundle with Green Mountain Energy Co. mark an expansion of the EnTouch Controls business and our strategy to bring energy management to small businesses.

We are still selling our complete EnTouch One energy management system (EMS) directly to businesses that want HVAC control, lighting control, branch energy management functionality and a cloud-based administration.

But we recognize that there are businesses that can get the most benefit from just advanced HVAC control. To reach them, we are going to partner with power companies, contractors and others to bundle the EnTouch Elite (see press release here or download pdf datasheet) with their services.

In the case of Green Mountain, we’re going to market with Smart for Small Business™, which combines Green Mountain’s green electricity service and an EnTouch Elite WiFi thermostat to manage the HVAC system.

Our experience has shown that just managing HVAC can help cut energy expenses by up to 25 percent through using the EMS for HVAC scheduling, to keep employees from making temperature changes and to easily shut off the HVAC when the business is closed.  An unsung, but very valuable advantage of the EMS is to provide information that makes HVAC maintenance easier.

With Smart for Small Business, customers get all of these advantages for the cost of one-half penny per kilowatt hour increase on any Green Mountain service.

And while Smart for Small Business is available to businesses only in Texas, we see similar services with other partners as a good business model to make energy management available to all small businesses.  Thus, we’re looking for other power vendors and contractors to bring this to market.

Small businesses are the backbone of job growth and economic vitality but too often they pay higher electricity bills per square foot than bigger companies.  It’s about time to change that and our new strategy is a big step in that direction.

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