02. 18. 2016

Unlocking the Business Value of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is on the cusp of an adoption explosion. For example, Gartner predicts 6.4 billion connected "Things" will be in use in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015. Until now though, it has been difficult for companies implementing the “Internet of Things” to recognize any tangible operational savings and asset efficiency. EnTouch changes all that by offering a business intelligence platform (EnTouch 360°™) that effectively unlocks the commercial value of connected devices. "The IoT is very real and there is direct application and significant business value to our enterprise customers," said Greg Fasullo, EnTouch CEO.

For example, a national retail chain can effectively leverage IoT data to benchmark and improve overall store performance across their locations. Facilities teams now have direct access to real-time data on the health of their HVAC systems and can proactively control facility comfort while significantly reducing maintenance expense by turning what has traditionally been considered ‘preventative’ maintenance into ‘proactive’ intelligent maintenance. The benefits are tangible as overall energy costs are dramatically reduced, maintenance expenses are diminished, and emergency truck rolls by service providers are virtually eliminated.

A restaurant chain can now access real-time data on food storage and the overall sanitation conditions of their facilities and quickly notify the local restaurant manager of critical food-safety issues. Having access to real-time refrigeration temperature data associated with walk-in coolers and freezers and hot water temperatures can reduce food spoilage, contamination and loss. Additionally, this degree of data can be made readily available to food inspectors as well. By providing this level of proactive support to facilities professionals and restaurant employees the risk of outbreak that recently plagued national restaurant chains like Chipotle could be avoided.

Examples like these illustrate a handful of real-world applications that are being enabled by the IoT. The EnTouch 360°™ “white-glove” service enables chain operators to quickly implement IoT and realize these type of benefits which translate into new insights into their business, better decisions and predictive outcomes in the form of food safety and operational cost reduction.

Come experience the inflection point of the Commercial IoT market when EnTouch speaks at Baird's Technology and Services Conference in New York City, February 24-25 or at the SPECS Show in Dallas, Texas March 13-16.

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