The Value of Setting Expectations in the Implementation of an Energy Management Solutions Provider

energy management solutions provider.jpg
3.20.17 -

Once your business decides to implement a strong facilities management program by outsourcing to an energy management solutions (EMS) provider, you may have stringent expectations. You might want to see immediate cost reductions in overhead and...

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Energy Management System Cybersecurity: 5 Ways to Avoid Another Target-Like Hack

Energy Management System Cybersecurity.jpg
3.17.17 -

In 2013, Target suffered one of the largest hacks of consumer data in history via third-party vendor of the retail giant’s HVAC system, reports Jai Kumar Vijayan of Computer World. Unfortunately, this event that called into question energy...

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Energy Management Technology: The Internet of Things Changes Everything

energy management technology.jpg
3.15.17 -

Technology evolves faster than anything else on the planet. Where great supercomputers once controlled the most complex operations, now the smallest, hand-held devices can achieve the same computing power. Technology begets greater technology,...

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3 Reasons Smart Buildings Make Smart Profits Through Effective Facility Management

effective facility management.jpg
3.13.17 -

Effective facility management is a buzzword among architects, engineers and construction workers. It goes back to the implementation of smart building technology while renovating and building new structures, but it can be retroactively outfitted...

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IoT in Facility Management Hack: 5 Tips to Connect Everything & Collect Savings

iot in facility management.jpg
3.10.17 -

Data collection has transformed facilities management, creating holistic energy management systems (EMS) that proactively increase cost savings across the building. This is the age of smart buildings, and you can reap these benefits by...

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Smart Building Checklist: Getting Ready for Implementing Smart Building Solutions 101

smart building checklist.jpg
3.8.17 -

Determining the energy efficiency of your facility is not a small task. You will need to consider the impact of your operational efficiency, including the specific equipment you use and systems that control it, the operation of equipment used to...

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5 Benefits of Corporate Real Estate Providers Offering Smart Building Management Solutions to Clients

smart building management solutions.jpg
3.6.17 -

The drive to enhance productivity and reduce overhead wherever possible in business is strongest than ever. In fact, a recent Navigant survey found up to 62 percent of companies are considering energy management as a means of eliminating...

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Leading the Way in Smart Building Management Technology: ENTOUCH

smart building management technology.jpg
3.3.17 -

Technology is the driving force of modern business. Companies can do more with less, and the Internet of Things (IoT) empowers the next generation of smart building technology. ENTOUCH aligns itself with this resolve through a complete...

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Using Smart Building Technology Solutions: Smart & Secure? That Is the Question.

smart building technology solutions.jpg
3.1.17 -

It can seem like connecting your retail equipment to the Internet of Things (IoT) leaves you with an ultimatum. Do you go ahead and connect, or do you favor security by keeping everything under one roof? While the latterr might seem like the best...

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The Smart Building Revolution: 6 2017 Predictions for IoT Powered Software in Building Management

smart building revolution.jpg
2.27.17 -

Historically, more than 20 percent of construction costs went into HVAC systems and lighting. However, there has been a shift in the use of resources during construction for these resources. Today, approximately 75 percent of new construction...

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