Beat Your Competitors by Sweating the Small Stuff: 7 Best Facilities Management Practices

Facilities Management Practices.jpg
11.10.17 -
Minor changes to facility assets can lead to substantial savings across your portfolio, increasing competitive advantage.

Competitive advantage is everything in business, and delays today could result in financial loss and perhaps more...

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What Is Facilities Management-as-a-Service?

Facilities Management-as-a-service.jpg
11.8.17 -

The rise of cloud-computing technologies and facilities management platforms have created the perfect brew for the development of facilities management-as-a-service. Yet, the concept of outsourcing facility management can appear both challenging...

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Technologies Central to Facilities Management: More Than Cloud Services

Technologies Central to Facilities Management.jpg
11.6.17 -

Although cloud services make up a growing portion of modern facilities management, managers need an arsenal of other technologies central to facilities management.

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Strategic Facilities Management Versus Tactical

strategic facilities management.jpg
11.3.17 -

The right strategic and tactical facilities management objectives transform facilities management from cost center to revenue stream.

Well-managed facilities and distributed sites function efficiently and effectively, and the right tools and...

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New or Old: 5 Steps to Retrofit Your Facilities Equipment

facilities equipment.jpg
11.1.17 -

An effective retrofit of facilities equipment can net savings of up to 40 percent and dramatically improve brand recognition.

Intelligent, connected buildings use 20- to 40-percent less energy than non-connected buildings, and connected buildings...

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Do You have a Smart System? Why You Need a Facilities Analytics Platform

Facilities Analytics Platform.jpg
10.30.17 -

Smart systems are becoming the new normal in facilities management, but in order to reap tangible benefits a facilities analytics platform is essential.

Making the decision to implement a smart facilities management system is relatively easy....

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Welcome to the Machine: A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Buildings for Commercial Real Estate Owners

smart building commercial real estate.jpg
10.27.17 -

Over the years, machines have gotten some mixed reviews. Pink Floyd offered an eerie and Orwellian take on the topic in their hit song, Welcome to the Machine.“Where have you been? It’s alright we know where you’ve been.” And, who can forget, HAL...

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Smart Building Technology: Seven Emerging Trends for Retailers

smart building technology in retail.jpg
10.25.17 -

The days of traditional brick-and-mortar are in serious transition. As the Internet commoditizes many store-bought products, new ways of thinking are required. Current technology represents retailers’ best chance to jump the board. Technology...

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Intelligent Property Management Powered by Intelligent Building Solutions

intelligent property management.jpg
10.23.17 -

Intelligent building solutions enable better, faster and data-based property management practices.

Intelligent property management is the next frontier in smart, intelligent building solutions. As explained by Omri Barzilay of Forbes, the...

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What Is an "Intelligent Building" Anyway?

Intelligent Building.jpg
10.20.17 -

An “intelligent building” is more than just a bunch of sensors; they leverage articifical intelligence (AI), machine-to-machine learning, analytics and real-world needs.

Smart, automated buildings are among the hot topics in modern facilities...

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