5 Core Benefits of an EMS System

EMS System.png
4.13.17 -

How companies monitor their distributed facilities has changed over time. Where traditional facilities management operated in a manual process environment, today’s facility managers are embracing new technologies that provide real-time visibility...

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Leveraging the Internet of Things and Analytics for Smart Energy Management

smart energy management.jpg
4.12.17 -

Smart building management appears as a new term on the construction and energy management block. It refers to the conjunction of the Internet of Things and Analytics in energy and comprehensive facilities management. When companies have...

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Multi-Site Retail Energy Management: How Multi-Site Retailers Reduce Costs

Multi-Site Retail Energy Management.jpg
4.11.17 -

The cost of electricity accounts for more than 30 percent of overhead costs amongst retailers. When applied to a distributed portfolio of multiple locations, the financial impact on profit margins can be even more significant. Differences in...

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Why Fast Casual is Drowning and Energy Management is the Life Boat

fast casual energy management-1.jpg
4.10.17 -

Fast casual food chains seek to combine the speed of traditional fast food restaurants with higher-quality food. Foods are typically fresh, not frozen and prepared to order giving diners a healthier meal option on-the-go at a reasonable price...

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How Technology & the IoT Impact Best Practices in Retail Facilities Management

retail facilities management best practices.jpg
4.3.17 -

Retail companies are expanding in the U.S., and if recent stock market activity is indicator of future growth, more companies will look to expansion soon. Managing each additional facility inherently adds costs to an organization, but a few best...

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Work Validation in Facilities Management: How Do I Know What Work My Vendor Did in the Field?

facilities management.jpg
3.31.17 -

Knowing what was and was not completed in the field by vendors is a major pain point among facilities management professionals. People who lack the education and experience necessary to internally diagnose and repair equipment may not understand...

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Hype or Real? How the IoT Changes the Game for Facilities Management Strategies

facilities management strategies.jpg
3.29.17 -

To keep your business running, you need to develop proven, dependable facilities management strategies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing these strategies in profound ways. Up to 60 percent of facilities management professionals...

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Smart Buildings & Building Automation for Facilities Management Professionals: 5 Steps to Get Started

Facilities Management Professionals.jpg
3.27.17 -

Building automation is a growing trend among businesses looking for ways to reduce overhead costs and increase profit margins. As explained by Navigant, 61% of companies have previously considered purchasing smart building technology. However,...

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Smart Buildings: 4 Ways the Internet of Things Brings Disparate Systems Together to Keep Facility Managers Strategic

smart buildings.jpg
3.24.17 -

Less than 26 percent of facilities management professionals believe they have enough information about their buildings to perform their duties adequately, reports Building Design and Construction magazine. Yet, the Internet of Things (IoT) has...

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6 Restaurant Energy Consumption Reduction Measures Thru an Effective Energy Management Solution

Restaurant Energy Consumption Reduction.jpg
3.22.17 -

Restaurants represent a major drain on the U.S. energy grid. Since most restaurants reap profits of as little as 3 percent of total revenue, reports the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), finding paths to restaurant energy consumption...

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