Predictive Maintenance: How Continuous Performance Testing Enhances Vendor Relationships and Asset Health

predictive maintenance vendors
1.31.18 -

Predictive maintenance will revolutionize vendor relations and extend asset health in profound ways.

Continuous performance testing refers to the use of automated systems and software suites to drive savings in facilities management. Facilities...

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How Facilities Managers Can Promote Smart Building Solutions to the C-Suite

smart building solutions for c-suite
1.29.18 -

Think Like the C-Suite, Walk Like the C-Suite, Get Support From the C-Suite for Smart Building Solutions.

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2018 Facilities Management Trends: The Top 7 to Consider

Facilities Management Trends
1.26.18 -

The end of the year is the prime opportunity for Facilities Managers to get ahead of the competition. Facility Managers should review the expected facilities management trends of 2018 and work to align their business goals and management...

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How Does Poor Facilities Management Affect the Customer Experience?

Poor Facilities Management
1.24.18 -

Poor Facilities Management Linked to Customer Dissatisfaction.

In a U.S. Department of Labor study, poor facility cleanliness and quality were associated with an increased dissatisfaction rate among customers. Even minor problems, like variations...

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How Can I Effectively Target Capital Spend in Facilities Management?

Capital Spend in Facilities Management
1.22.18 -

Real-time Visibility and Tracking Are Essential to Target Capital Spend in Facilities Management.

Targeting capital spend in facilities management is a common goal of the C-Suite and Facility Managers, but figuring out how to accomplish this goal...

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Five Steps to Using Real-Time Data for Better Capital Planning for Facilities Managers

better capital planning
1.19.18 -

Facilities Managers can leverage historical and real-time data through smart building solutionsfor better capital planning than ever before.

Historical and real-time data can be leveraged in facilities management for a variety of purposes,...

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The Arduous & Resource-Hogging Exercise of Vetting Vendors for Facilities Field Service Work

Facilities Field Service Work
1.15.18 -

Few facilities management tasks come with the intensity and time-consuming detail of vetting vendors for facilities field service work. While arduous and resource-hogging, vetting vendors should not be a last-minute process. The wrong vendors...

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4 Reasons Why Digitizing Facilities Management Stops the Endless Firefighting

Digitizing Facilities Management
1.12.18 -

Digitizing facilities management is becoming the defining factor among facilities management circles.

Facilities Managers have grown accustomed to the continuous “firefighting” of reactive maintenance. In typical operations, Facilities Managers...

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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics and Other Ways Managed Services Connect With You

managed services industry 4.0
1.10.18 -

New technologies, including Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence will make energy management, facilities maintenance and smart building solutions easier to use, manage and control than ever before.

The best energy management system or...

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Is the Single Pane of Glass the Holy Grail For Energy Management? Yes…It…Is

single pane of glass for energy management.jpg
1.8.18 -

Regardless of superstition, the single pane of glass for energy management will dramatically change the game for how facilities managers effectively handle both simple and complex tasks across their distributed portfolio.

The single pane of glass...

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