7 Retail Merchandising Rules to Convert More Customers

retail merchandising rules.jpg
7.6.17 -

Originally published on the Repsly blog.

Forty percent of customers change their minds because of something they see, learn, or do when interacting with a product in-store. Follow these retail merchandising rules to tip the scale in your favor.

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Healthcare Building Automation: Save Money, Reduce Maintenance & Improve Facility Management

healthcare building automation.jpg
7.5.17 -

86% of health facilities managers cite patient satisfaction and ease of integration in decisions to upgrade and implement health building automation systems.

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Top 5 Restaurant Energy Management System Considerations

Restaurant energy management system.jpg
6.30.17 -

Can you tell the best restaurant energy management systems from the run-of-the-mill systems? By knowing what to look for and expect, you can see positive returns and real benefits before and after implementation.

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Really IoT? Another Acronym? What’s the "Building Internet of Things (BIOT)?"

building internet of things.jpg
6.28.17 -

The Building Internet of Things puts the power of the Internet of Things to use in commercial applications, ranging from sky-rise buildings to smaller enterprises.

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Machine Learning & the Internet of Things: How Automated Smart Buildings Bring Value to Facilities Management

automated smart buildings.jpg
6.26.17 -

Value is everything in your organization and essential to strong profit margins, and automated smart buildings can restore balance and health to your bottom line.

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How Are Retail Facilities Using the Internet of Things?

retail facilities.jpg
6.23.17 -

The Internet of Things gives retail facilities managers an upper hand in managing inventory and layout, engaging with consumers and increasing company visibility.

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Restaurant Facilities Management Case Study: CEC Entertainment, Inc.’s SVP of Strategic Initiatives Reduces OpEx Costs With ENTOUCH

restaurant facilities management.jpg
6.21.17 -

CEC Entertainment, Inc. (CEC) doubles down on restaurant facilities management to reach $3M OpEx savings goals.

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Waste’s Ever-Rising Costs Due to Inefficient Restaurant Energy Management

Restaurant Energy Management.jpg
6.20.17 -

Wastes are becoming major costs in restaurants due to inefficient restaurant energy management; EMS is the answer.

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The Top 8 Energy Management Trends for the Rest 2017 & Beyond

energy management trends.jpg
6.19.17 -

Energy management is changing, and more companies are taking note of these top trends to expect for the rest of 2017 & beyond

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Retail Energy Management Is More Than a Sustainability Effort…It’s a $3B Opportunity!

retail energy management.jpg
6.16.17 -

Energy management has traditionally been billed as a sustainability effort, but its true value could add up to more than $3 billion!

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