Multi-Site Portfolio Facilities Management: Sandbox Testing Boosts Integration and Existing Systems

Multi-site portfolio facilities management.jpg
11.27.17 -

Sandbox testing in multi-site portfolio facilities management is essential to streamlining rollout of new systems and attaining return on investment.

Multi-site portfolio facilities management is an inherently complex topic, and the ever-growing...

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Why Open-Standard Infrastructure Platforms Are the Future of Facilities Management

Open-Standard Infrastructure.jpg
11.22.17 -

Open-standard infrastructure platforms are key to successful integration of facilities management systems.

Establishing a smart, preventative maintenance program and keeping up with technology are challenging topics in facilities management....

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How Does a Software-Enabled Platform for Facilities Management Improve and Automate Asset Optimization?

Software-enabled platform for facilities management.jpg
11.20.17 -

Software-enabled platforms outpace in-house facilities management processes to derive value and self-sufficiency.

The rise of newer facilities management methodologies, including the use of a single pane of glass methodology, have the potential...

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Do I Really Need EMaaS in Facilities Management?

EMaaS in Facilities Management.png
11.17.17 -

EMaaS in facilities management is the perfect solution for companies trying to bridge facilities management of the past with modern technologies.

With all the bells and whistles in facilities management, it can be difficult to determine which...

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Leveraging the Power of a Facilities Management Single Pane of Glass

Facilities Management Single Pane of Glass.jpg
11.15.17 -

A facilities management single pane of glass helps slay the monster of multi-site, large-scale facilities management operations.

Facilities management is a broad topic. A facility manager may oversee day-to-day operations, including maintenance,...

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Embracing a Single Pane of Glass in Facilities Management

Single Pane of Glass in facilities management.jpg
11.13.17 -

A single pane of glass in facilities management simplifies the duties of facilities managers, offering one-stop system management.

In recent years, the concept of a single pane of glass in facilities management has brought the promise of enhanced...

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Beat Your Competitors by Sweating the Small Stuff: 7 Best Facilities Management Practices

Facilities Management Practices.jpg
11.10.17 -
Minor changes to facility assets can lead to substantial savings across your portfolio, increasing competitive advantage.

Competitive advantage is everything in business, and delays today could result in financial loss and perhaps more...

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What Is Facilities Management-as-a-Service?

Facilities Management-as-a-service.jpg
11.8.17 -

The rise of cloud-computing technologies and facilities management platforms have created the perfect brew for the development of facilities management-as-a-service. Yet, the concept of outsourcing facility management can appear both challenging...

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Technologies Central to Facilities Management: More Than Cloud Services

Technologies Central to Facilities Management.jpg
11.6.17 -

Although cloud services make up a growing portion of modern facilities management, managers need an arsenal of other technologies central to facilities management.

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Strategic Facilities Management Versus Tactical

strategic facilities management.jpg
11.3.17 -

The right strategic and tactical facilities management objectives transform facilities management from cost center to revenue stream.

Well-managed facilities and distributed sites function efficiently and effectively, and the right tools and...

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