5 Reasons Why Facilities Managers Should Embrace New, Smart Technology Solutions

smart technology solutions
2.19.18 -

Irrational fear resides in the hearts of Facilities Managers considering technology as a whole and smart technology solutions are no exception.

Smart technology solutions are the new kid on the block when it comes to facilities management, but...

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Visibility in Facilities Management Fosters Proactive Collaboration with the C- Suite

Visibility in Facilities Management
2.16.18 -

Visibility in facilities management stimulates value creation and builds C-Suite-Facilities Manager Trust.

 Take a moment to think about your existing facilities management department. Can you name your top costs? Do you know what equipment is...

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The Top 4 Ways to Attract the Next Generation of Facility Managers to Your Enterprise

Next Generation of Facility Managers
2.14.18 -

As few as 1% of college students plan for a career in Facilities Management, explains a SlideShare infographic, but that does not mean your organization is left without options and future Facilities Management professionals. Facilities management...

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Leveraging Capital Planning to Win C-Suite Support for Smart Building Solutions

smart building solutions capital planning
2.11.18 -

Industry-leading study finds capital planning is essential to gaining C-Suite support for smart building solutions.

Smart building solutions, a prerequisite for reaping the rewards of a single pane of glass in facilities management, help...

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3 Uses of Agile Budgeting to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership in Facilities & Energy Management

agile budgeting
2.9.18 -

Agile budgeting now a top strategy for reducing TCO in facilities management.

The budget makes up the dominant cost in facilities management, and therefore, total cost ownership (TCO) as well, as noted by a SlideShare presentation. Deferred...

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Data-driven Facilities Management: Using Analytics to Get More Value From Field Service Vendors

Data-driven Facilities Management
2.7.18 -

Few factors influence operations like data-driven facilities management. In the digital age, Facilities Managers make informed, cost-saving decisions through data-driven facilities management, and total cost ownership decreases. Among field...

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Top Total Cost of Ownership Considerations in Facilities Management

total cost of ownership
2.5.18 -

Better Risk Management Strategies, Procurement Diversity and Decreased Maintenance Key to Driving TCO Down.

A range of factors affects total cost of ownership in facilities management. Routine maintenance, unforeseen weather events, mediocre...

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Sensor Automation: Reducing Total Cost of Ownership Through Enterprise-wide Facilities Asset Performance

sensor automation
2.2.18 -

Building or buying a facility only scratches the surface of total cost ownership, but sensor automation can help.

Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) is an essential business goal for all Facilities Managers and C-Suite executives....

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Predictive Maintenance: How Continuous Performance Testing Enhances Vendor Relationships and Asset Health

predictive maintenance vendors
1.31.18 -

Predictive maintenance will revolutionize vendor relations and extend asset health in profound ways.

Continuous performance testing refers to the use of automated systems and software suites to drive savings in facilities management. Facilities...

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How Facilities Managers Can Promote Smart Building Solutions to the C-Suite

smart building solutions for c-suite
1.29.18 -

Think Like the C-Suite, Walk Like the C-Suite, Get Support From the C-Suite for Smart Building Solutions.

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