Using Facility Management Analytics to Get to Know Your Customers

facility management analytics.jpg
12.20.17 -

Facility management analytics provide a better, more thorough view of your customers’ wants and needs, key factors affecting facilities management.

Facility management analytics is an excellent tool for helping multi-site retailers learn more...

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Facilities Maintenance: Preventative, Scheduled, Reactive, & Deferred Maintenance. Oh MY!

facilities maintenance.jpg
12.18.17 -

Preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance, deferred maintenance and reactive maintenance are integral to effective facilities maintenance.

It is easy to get swept into the confusion when talking about facilities maintenance keys to...

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The True Cost of Deferred HVAC Maintenance

Deferred HVAC Maintenance.jpg
12.15.17 -

Deferred HVAC maintenance is a common problem in facilities management. While deferred maintenance may be necessary while waiting on parts or scheduling a field service technician to correct the issue, extensive delays can have serious financial...

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Putting Analytics to Work in Facilities Management

facilities management analytics.png
12.13.17 -

Analytics can have a profound impact on  facilities management by reducing the burden of funding and creating a productive learning environment.

 facilities house the hope for a better future, and therefore, the learning environment must be...

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Proven Steps to Effectively Evaluate Facilities Assets Performance

Facilities Assets Performance.jpg
12.11.17 -

Understanding your facility critical assets is useless if you do not consider their current condition and perform and follow these proven steps.

Getting the most from your facility’s assets is not a small task, and not knowing the status and...

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Smart Building Tech to Tackle the Holiday Shopping Season

smart building tech holiday shopping.jpg
12.8.17 -

From analytics to interactive environments, smart building tech will make the holiday shopping season more enjoyable for facilities managers and consumers alike.

The holiday shopping season is already underway, and retailers have already seen an...

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Energy Outlook for Winter 2018

Energy Outlook for Winter.jpg
12.6.17 -

Energy prices expected to climb, if not hold steady, but anything could push costs upward. Facilities managers need to prepare now.

The changing of the seasons is an excellent time for the facility manager to think about how the upcoming weather...

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Applied Analytics, Smart Building Systems and Reducing the Flu in Senior Care Facilities Management

smart building systems senior care.jpg
12.4.17 -

Analytics and smart building systems play a vital role in reducing disease transmission, especially during high-illness periods, like flu season.

Facility managers have an opportunity to revolutionize standard operations through new technology,...

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Where Does Predictive Maintenance Fall in the Facilities Management Loop?

Predictive Maintenance.jpg
12.1.17 -

Predictive maintenance focuses on identifying problems likely to develop, reducing total cost ownership by helping facilities managers “see” beneath the surface.

Facilities management focuses on ensuring the optimum presentation of your company’s...

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Why a Handyman Program Is a Vital Arrow in the Facility Managers’ Quiver

Handyman Program.jpg
11.29.17 -

Take a moment to think about the existing maintenance needs of your facility. Paint may chip, plumbing leaks may occur and lights may go out. While these may seem like minor issues, do you really want your managers standing atop a ladder? Can you...

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