Top 3 Uses of IoT Tech in Hospitality Facilities Management

IOT tech in Hospitality Facilities Management.jpg
8.18.17 -

Approximately 76 percent of facility managers feel their current level of visibility and accountability into operations’ costs and processes is insufficient. Meanwhile, 34 percent of facility managers, including those in hospitality, have plans...

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Building Automation: Clark vs. Eddie

building automation.jpg
8.16.17 -

Building automation represents a great possibility for lower costs and better operational efficiency in facilities management, but few understand how building automation in facilities management can effect change. With words, like the Industrial...

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Implementing an Energy Management System Solution: Why Setting Expectations & Proactive Onboarding Is Key to Long-Term Success

energy management system solution.jpg
8.14.17 -

Setting Expectations Are Critical to Long-Term Success in EMS.

Using an energy management system solution is an efficient, effective way to increase profitability, enhance social responsibility and reduce your overhead costs. But, it is not...

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Three Common Problems & Solutions Faced by Retail Facilities Managers

retail facilities managers.jpg
8.11.17 -

Retail facilities managers face more challenges than ever before. They are responsible for overseeing the overall operation of a facility, and these duties have expanded to include inventory management, company operations, payment processing,...

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Top 4 Challenges in Healthcare Facilities Management?

healthcare facilities management.jpg
8.9.17 -

The world of modern healthcare is changing. New regulations are being enacted, payment models are changing, standard facilities management is starting to include information relating to patient satisfaction and treatment results. Meanwhile,...

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Looking to Reduce Energy Management Spend? Smart Buildings Are Leading the Charge

reduce energy management spend.jpg
8.7.17 -

Smart buildings reduce energy management spend in profound ways, saving billions.

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Using Big Data for Operations & Energy Management In Hospitality

Energy Management in Hospitality.jpg
8.4.17 -

From guest experiences to equipment monitoring, operations and energy management in hospitality benefits from Big Data.

Big Data represents a game-changing tool to improve the guest experience in hospitality facilities management. It can enable...

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How Does Energy Efficiency Increase the Value of a Commercial Building?

energy efficiency commercial building.jpg
8.3.17 -

Too many businesses are unaware of the full financial impact that a strategic approach to energy management can have on the value of their buildings.

Sure, improving energy efficiency will help reduce your buildings’ electricity bills. But that’s...

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Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, & Big Data's Future in Efficient Energy Management

8.2.17 -

Machine learning, the IoT and Big Data team up to create better energy management opportunities.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing a flood of information pouring into analytics systems, creating more information insights and better...

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Why Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Are Crucial for Building Operations

building operations.jpg
7.31.17 -

Smart buildings cannot exist without predictive analytics and machine learning in today’s data-reliant world.

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