What Is Deferred Maintenance & Why Should Facilities Managers Care?

Deferred Maintenance
3.14.18 -

Deferred maintenance is a communal problem for all Facilities Managers. Waiting to complete a repair might seem like an easy decision for those with budget restrictions and decaying facilities. However, deferred maintenance can do much more...

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Using the IoT in Energy Management to Mitigate Losses in Times of Extreme Weather Events

IoT in Energy Management
3.12.18 -

Subtitle devices connected to the IoT in energy management can help reduce losses associated with natural disasters and extreme weather events.

Facilities Managers do not want to think about how they will respond in the event of a disaster or...

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Smart Building Tech: Developing the Next Generation of Facility Managers to Your Enterprise

smart building tech next gen facility managers
3.9.18 -

As few as 43% of millennials have heard of facilities management, but many do not know what it is. Facility Managers must evolve to attract future talent.

Facilities management as a whole faces an unimaginable crisis. The shortage of facilities...

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The Customer Experience Benefits of the Single Pane of Glass for Facility Management

customer experience benefits
3.7.18 -

The customer experience benefits of the single pane of glass are among the top priorities for modern business owners.

The customer experience is everything, and facilities management is the one department that can make or break customer...

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What Facilities Management Metrics Should I Be Tracking?

Facilities Management Metrics
3.5.18 -

How do you define facilities management metrics? They are data points, reflecting the performance of assets in your organization. Metrics can be created for virtually every process and event, but tracking the right metrics can mean the difference...

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How the Single Pane of Glass Shapes Brand/Product Perceptions Thru Effective Energy Management

Effective Energy Management
3.2.18 -

Using the single pane of glass, Facilities Managers can renew visibility and build brand value through comprehensive energy management.

Brand value is based on how consumers, employees and other organizations view your organization and its...

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The Guest Experience Empowers Executive and Facility Manager Collaboration

facility manager collaboration
2.28.18 -

Executives and Facility Manager collaboration is an amazing benefit deriving from customer-focused operations.

The world of facilities management is evolving, and more companies are turning to ways to enhance guest experiences to drive business...

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Using Analytics to Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs & Risk

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs
2.26.18 -

Analytics can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent.

Using an energy management system (EMS) can help commercial buildings achieve up to 20-percent energy savings, reports the US Department of Energy. These systems...

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What You Need to Know About the New Guide to Transition Management in Facilities

Transition Management in Facilities
2.23.18 -

Global Investor Group has released a new guide to transition management for large-scale, corporate portfolios, and its principles apply to transition management within facilities management departments as well. The guide provides an in-depth look...

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The C-Suite’s Growing Interest in Smart Building Solutions

smart building solutions c-suite
2.21.18 -

The C-Suite’s sights have turned to smart building solutions for better capital planning and value creation.

Smart building solutions are among the major trending topics in facilities management circles, and the C-Suite has taken an interest in...

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