Restaurant Facilities Management Case Study: CEC Entertainment, Inc.’s SVP of Strategic Initiatives Reduces OpEx Costs With ENTOUCH

restaurant facilities management.jpg
6.21.17 -

CEC Entertainment, Inc. (CEC) doubles down on restaurant facilities management to reach $3M OpEx savings goals.

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Waste’s Ever-Rising Costs Due to Inefficient Restaurant Energy Management

Restaurant Energy Management.jpg
6.20.17 -

Wastes are becoming major costs in restaurants due to inefficient restaurant energy management; EMS is the answer.

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The Top 8 Energy Management Trends for the Rest 2017 & Beyond

energy management trends.jpg
6.19.17 -

Energy management is changing, and more companies are taking note of these top trends to expect for the rest of 2017 & beyond

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Retail Energy Management Is More Than a Sustainability Effort…It’s a $3B Opportunity!

retail energy management.jpg
6.16.17 -

Energy management has traditionally been billed as a sustainability effort, but its true value could add up to more than $3 billion!

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Restaurant Facility Management: A Data-Driven Profession Focused on Proactive Maintenance & Digital Solutions

restaurant facility management.jpg
6.15.17 -

Industry experts believe digital, proactive restaurant facility management systems are essential to the success of restaurants in the modern era.

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5 Reasons Why The Internet of Things + Big Data = Smart Facilities Management

smart facilities management.jpg
6.14.17 -

Pairing the Internet Of Things (IoT) and Big Data leads to better overall management and business success through smart facilities management.

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The Internet of Things Meets Big Data in Facilities Management

big data in Facilities.jpg
6.13.17 -

The Internet of Things will revolutionize everything when big data in facilities management comes knocking.

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Join the Upcoming Breakthrough Webinar on IoT Smart Building Solutions for CRE Providers and & Enhanced Tenant Experience

CRE Facility Management.jpg
6.12.17 -

Join Casey Talon, Principal Research Analyst, Navigant and our unique panel of industry experts, EnerNOC, ENTOUCH and Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS), to learn how CRE facilities management benefits from truly smart building...

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Cloud-Based Facilities Management Software: Empowering Facility Managers

cloud based facilities management software.jpg
6.9.17 -

Better. Faster. Stronger. Modern cloud-based facilities management software empowers facility managers in new, innovative ways.

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What Is Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)?

Energy management as a service.jpg
6.8.17 -

Looking back:

“With the influx of data from numerous systems and new goals and regulations, energy management will be a huge issue in 2015, and facility executives should look toward EMaaS to ensure their buildings are achieving the maximum...

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