4 Ways Facility Management Technology Is Causing the Pivot from Reactive to Proactive Operations

facility management technology
5.23.18 -

Facility management technology is continually evolving. New technologies have been developed to meet the changing demands of its users; modern facility management technology enables traditional, reactive operations to move to a proactive state,...

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How Energy Management in Retail Positively Impacts Guest Experiences

energy management in retail
5.21.18 -

Understanding the various factors affecting energy management in retail can be complicated. HVAC system run-time, energy use for lighting systems, inventory tracking, and fulfilling e-commerce orders make the process even more complicated....

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How Eliminating Custom SCADA Networks Keeps Costs in Check

custom SCADA networks
5.18.18 -

Understanding the use of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks is essential and modern facilities management. For maintaining power substations to sub- load metering, custom SCADA networks improve facilities automation,...

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Energy Demand Planning for the Dark & Its Impact on Capital Budgets

energy demand planning
5.16.18 -

It's been seven months since the tragedy of Hurricane Maria, and while Puerto Rico's continues to struggle with its electrical grid, recent developments have led to the complete, island-wide blackout of the American territory, reports The Week....

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Disruption of Retail Facility Management With Energy Management? What Could It Mean?

retail facility management
5.14.18 -

In the modern age, disruption has gained a negative connotation. Disruption means change is coming, and business owners, as well as Facilities Managers, may not understand how to respond to changes, explains FacilitiesNet. However, change is...

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The Keys to Unlocking Digital-Driven Facilities Management

data driven facilities management
5.11.18 -

Digital-driven facilities management basics include the use of technology to achieve cost reductions, increase efficiency, and improve quality of facilities. Moreover, Facilities Managers around the globe are turning to technology to stretch...

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Efficient Facilities Management Is Crucial to Retail Survival

Efficient Facilities Management in retail
5.9.18 -

Retail competition is growing daily, and the rise of Ecommerce continues to push the boundaries of traditional retail facilities management practices. Modern consumers are willing to abandon entire purchases. If one item or shipping costs are...

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How Important Is Software in Developing an AI-Driven Facilities Management Strategy?

AI-Driven Facilities Management Strategy
5.7.18 -

While artificial intelligence (AI) makes its appearance at the facilities management dinner table, few facility managers truly understand the value of software in developing an AI-driven facilities management strategy. Facilities managers looking...

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What Are the Biggest Innovations in Facility Management Technology?

Biggest Innovations in Facility Management
5.4.18 -

Facilities management is experiencing an industrial revolution in the digital age. Digital technologies are changing the way facilities managers can respond to crises, monitor activities, perform maintenance and manage overall operations. While...

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Energy Management Technology Is Turning Facilities Managers Into Predictors of the Future

energy management technology future
5.2.18 -

Smart building solutions and energy management systems (EMS) leverage massive amounts of data to increase brand value and reduce total cost of ownership in modern facilities management. Powered by unique energy management technology, like the...

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