Smart Building Sensors Power Data Capture for Predictive Analytics

smart building sensors.jpg
10.16.17 -

Smart building sensors are much more than motion detectors and provide one of the best sources of data capture for predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics leverage physical data, like temperature, lighting level, humidity and occupant...

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How to Implement Smart Energy Management With Predictive Analytics

energy management with predictive analytics.jpg
10.13.17 -

Smart energy management with predictive analytics can lead to big improvements in your facility ecosystem - if used properly.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart energy management with predictive analytics are on track to bring energy...

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What Is Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics in Energy Management?

Analytics in energy management.jpg
10.11.17 -

Predictive and prescriptive analytics in energy management provide unique benefits and optimize facilities management objectives.

Understanding data is key to effective decision-making, and predictive and prescriptive analytics in energy...

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How Smart Building Technology Improves Facility and Energy Management Decision Making for Improved Outcomes with Tangible Benefits

10.9.17 -

Using smart building technology, data-based energy management decision-making adds value, encourages collaboration, reduces rework, improves productivity and more.

The days of set-rate energy billing and use are over. Exact rates may depend on...

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Total Cost Ownership in Energy Management & Facilities Improves the Bottom Line

Total Cost Ownership in Energy Management.jpg
10.6.17 -

Reduced total cost ownership in energy management and facilities activities derives from overhead cost-cutting measures possible through modern smart building solutions.

Uncovering your organization’s total cost ownership in energy management...

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Intelligent Facilities Management: 5 Questions to Ask to Manage Facilities Intelligently?

intelligent facilities management.jpg
10.4.17 -

In the digital age of creating a better building and facilities management team, a difference has grown between creating smart buildings and truly intelligent facilities management strategies. These strategies differ by being intuitive versus...

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Top 5 Tips for Establishing a Smart & Preventive Maintenance Program Powered by Smart Building Technology

smart preventative maintenance program.jpg
10.2.17 -

Smart building technology makes creating a smart preventative maintenance program easier than ever before.

The use of a smart preventative maintenance program can reduce the deferred maintenance backlog, improve energy efficiency and lead to...

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How Proactive Healthcare Facility Management Can Save Lives

healthcare facility management.jpg
9.29.17 -

Poor healthcare facility management can be devastating to profit margins and cost lives, but proactive measures and systems can help.

The recent devastation caused by Hurricane Irma is beyond reproach, and the tragedy continued as the lives of...

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3 Financial Challenges of Higher Education Facility Management

higher education facility management.jpg
9.27.17 -

Higher education facility management objectives align with institutional goals to achieve better cost savings, meet the backlog of maintenance and more.  

Across the spectrum of public and private institutions of higher learning, budgets are...

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How Facility Management Is Changing from Reactive to Proactive

facility management.jpg
9.25.17 -

More facility managers are using technology to get ahead of problems, changing from reactive to proactive facility management strategies.

There will always be reactive work in facilities management. Things go wrong, but the level of today’s...

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