The Value of Historical Data in Facilities Management to Stay Proactive

historical data in facilities management
4.23.18 -

Facilities managers cannot improve what they do not know. As explained by  Jamie Cappuccio of Akita Box, keeping historical data in facilities management efficiently, including operations and maintenance manuals, warranty information, floor...

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Artificial Intelligence in FM: How Will AI Impact Facilities Management in the Next 5 Years?

artificial intelligence in FM
4.20.18 -

Understanding artificial intelligence is a complex and simple process. It’s basically all math that’s used to analyze information and make decisions based on defined variables and preferred outcomes. Artificial intelligence in facilities...

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Energy Management Analytics: Energy Managers Are Successfully Using Analytics to Measure, Report, and Optimize

Energy Management Analytics
4.18.18 -

The world of energy management is broad. Facility managers struggle with shrinking budgets, growing responsibilities, and more demand from guests. As explained by Jack McGowan of, energy management analytics empower facilities...

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What Is Life Cycle Costing in Facilities Management?

life cycle costing in facilities management
4.16.18 -

Managing multi-site portfolios, taking care of customers, and handling day-to-day operations, not to mention the stress in planning budgets, can overwhelm any facility manager. However, life cycle costing in facilities management can be leveraged...

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Proactive Facility Management Through Facility Assessments & Life Cycle Costing

Proactive Facility Management
4.13.18 -

Proactive facility management can make you save on average 18 percent on the total maintenance costs compared to reactive facility management. Understanding how these savings are possible comes from the appreciation of the value in facility...

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Quick Service Restaurant Facilities Management: Why Carry-Out Facilities Management Is Top-Priority

Carry-Out Facilities Management
4.11.18 -

Quick service restaurant facilities management is often used interchangeably with fast casual facilities management, but both have slight differences. Carry-out facilities management remains a subset of restaurant facilities management, and it...

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The Value of Preventative Maintenance for Proactive Energy Management

Value of Preventative Maintenance
4.9.18 -

The value of preventative maintenance is clear, but not every facilities manager is on board yet. However, as explained by Brian Ratcliff of HPB magazine, 90 percent of facilities managers believe connecting systems to the Internet of Things will...

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The Role of Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics in Energy Management

Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics
4.6.18 -

Although Energy Manager Today reports that automated fault detection and diagnostics have been around in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for 20 years, the technology is now advancing. By analyzing equipment data, new...

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Proactive vs. Reactive Facilities Management

Reactive Facilities Management
4.4.18 -

How does your organization approach facilities management? If you are unsure about facilities spending or volume of work on the deferred maintenance backlog, you are likely relying on a reactive facilities management approach. Reaction is...

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Facility Service Quality: Why Focusing on Quality Over Cost Pays

Facility Service Quality-1
4.2.18 -

A productive business hinges on the ability to save money where possible and increase profitability. However, this principle can be misconstrued in facilities management and facility service quality. Facilities Managers and executive-level...

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