04. 21. 2015

Internet of Things Meets Energy Efficiency in Presentation by Greg Fasullo of EnTouch Controls at IoT Global Innovation Forum

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RICHARDSON, TEXAS – April 20, 2015 – EnTouch Controls, a market leader of energy management as a service (EMaaS), today announced its CEO Greg Fasullo will present on using Internet of Things technology to help multi-site businesses dramatically improve energy efficiency at the 2015 IoT Global Innovation Forum.

In the United States, commercial facilities spend over $69 billion a year on energy and consume nearly 900 billion kWh of electricity.  Of that, the EIA estimates 30 percent is "wasted"Greg Fasullo through either inefficient or unnecessary energy usage, resulting in over $20 billion of wasted profits and an environmental impact of over 700 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of over 150 million acres of forest.

Energy management systems have been deployed in these facilities and have provided immediate reductions in energy usage and expense. But significant incremental value comes from harvesting the rich data to make better decisions about energy efficiency equipment, lighting, HVAC and other systems.

While these decisions can significantly reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent, it’s hard for multi-site businesses to marshal the internal resources to process and validate the vast amount of data – literally millions of data points daily. Greg’s talk will provide an overview of the commercial energy waste problem, how IoT and energy management as a service (EMaaS) is changing the landscape of energy management, and case studies of leading multi-site companies who have benefited from embracing EMaaS.

Greg will present as part of the Smart Buildings and the Enterprise Internet of Things panel starting at 9:00 am CST on Earth Day, April 22, 2015.

The IoT Global Innovation Forum 2015 brings together leading technology innovators, business strategists and developers from around the world for two days of focused networking and information sharing at the IoT cutting edge. Expert speakers will discuss the latest applications for traditional commercial processes as well as new business models and opportunities within the emerging Internet of Things ecosphere.

“Its an exciting time to be in the energy management business because there is such a convergence of technologies - IoT, big data, data visualization and cloud-based services – that are delivering significant value to companies today,” Fasullo said. “I’m looking forward to joining this esteemed panel of experts and sharing my experience and knowledge to continue leveraging IoT to improve energy managment.”

About EnTouch Controls

EnTouch is a pioneer and industry leader in providing energy management as a service (EmaaS). The company’s award winning EnTouch 360™ provides a dedicated team of energy experts who leverages their leading-edge software, best-in-class hardware and real-time analytics to significantly reduce energy consumption while maximizing energy savings. The company’s managed service also provides visibility across key assets while improving operational efficiency and enhancing overall guest comfort. EnTouch 360™ is recognized as the premier solution for its ease of use and unprecedented return on investment (ROI). EnTouch serves multi-site customers in diverse business segments, including restaurant, retail, healthcare, financial services, hospitality and education. Connect with EnTouch on Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

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