07. 22. 2013

In the News: Chuck E. Cheese’s Manages Energy with EnTouch

If you live the DFW area you might have seen the article about retailers adopting energy saving technology in a recent issue of Dallas Business Journal.  In the article they shared the experience of one of our customers, Chuck E. Cheese’s, a chain of American family entertainment centers that installed EnTouch systems in 75 stores with plans to have another 25 done by mid-July.

Chuck E. Cheese’sIn the article, Sean Downey, director of facilities for Chuck E. Cheese’s talked about his experience and the benefit of our system, saying, “I’m getting so much more data than I did previously. With a little more money, we got a lot more detail.”   He describes how using an EnTouch EMS enabled consistent policy across his stores and has even identified real problems they weren’t aware of.

This case study (and full article on energy management) is an excellent example of how EnTouch can help restaurants manage HVAC costs through our new EnTouch energy management system (EMS), which includes HVAC controls, branch circuit controls and lighting controls – all accessible and feeding data into our cloud-based management application.  You can access that data onsite or remotely via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sean’s experience isn’t unique.  EnTouch has helped hundreds of customers cut their HVAC energy usage by up to 25 percent ensuring proper scheduling, identifying off-hours energy usage, and synchronizing operation during the day.  On top of this, our monitoring services and reporting have identified 1,000’s of faulty HVAC systems that were wasting energy and affecting guest comfort.

For example, another one of our customers, a restaurant chain director of operations, shared  “I never even thought about energy management. We spent $300,000 last year for electricity and with EnTouch we can cut this bill by 20%.”

For more information on how EnTouch can help your small business or restaurant save on HVAC costs, visit

Find out how Chuck E. Cheese’s saves almost $10,000 per restaurant using the EnTouch One energy management system.

When energy costs and HVAC runtimes were getting out of hand, this national restaurant chain decided to take control of their facilities.

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