04. 23. 2015

How IoT Is Used to Tackle Massive Energy Waste

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a very hot topic in technology circles. At this week’s IoT Global Summit, EnTouch Controls CEO Greg FasulloGreg Fasullo discussed how this innovative technology can be have a significant impact on reducing energy waste in restaurants and retail stores.

To know more about Greg’s message, you can download and review his presentation EnTouch Controls And The IOT, or read though the description of his presentation below:

In the United States, there are approximately 5 million commercial and industrial buildings with energy costs totaling in excess of $202 billion. Of that, the EIA estimated 30% is "waste" through either inefficient or unnecessary energy usage. The financial impact is enormous, but so is the environmental impact. Until now, understanding, monitoring and effectively controlling energy usage has been nearly impossible for commercial building owners and the facility teams that support them, with 90 percent of building owners having no energy management solution in place at all. But Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS), a new energy management system that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics is changing all that.

The emergence of cloud-based energy management systems (EMS) has allowed facility managers more control and data on facility performance and energy usage, but the emergence of this new Internet of Things (IoT) of commercial facilities has resulted in a firehouse of data that has proven burdensome for building owners and facility managers who are often unsure of how to approach the problem. Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS) functionality integrates connected facilities, big data analytics, and data visualization to provide actionable insights that enable building owners and facility managers to make the best decisions for controlling energy usage and reducing energy spend, helping resolve a $60B problem and making a significant environmental impact.

This presentation will provide an overview of the commercial energy waste problem, how IoT and EMaaS is changing the landscape of energy management, and case studies of leading companies who have embraced EMaaS and achieved spectacular results (ex. retail, restaurant, healthcare, education, etc.)

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