10. 29. 2014

Go Green: National Energy Awareness Month

Celebrate Energy

Football season, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween costumes, bowls of candy, sweaters, and leaves all over the ground… October is in full motion! October has many things to be excited about, but here at Go GreenEnTouch we are excited that this month is National Energy Awareness Month! National Energy Awareness Month was implemented in 1991 by President George Bush, encouraging everyone to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and the impact it can have on managing the nation’s energy resources. As October comes to a close, we want to encourage everyone to continue to raise awareness for sustainability by going green!

Go Green At Work

We want to help your business go green! Our goal is to help multi-site businesses go green by implementing HVAC, lighting, water, and refrigeration monitoring. We aim to reduce energy waste and use resources as efficiently as possible. At EnTouch, we care about reducing a company’s carbon footprint by managing their energy usage on their behalf so they can focus on other important operations. Our team of energy experts monitor, analyze and trend large amounts of energy data from restaurants and retail businesses to constantly find ways to minimize energy waste, therefore using less energy daily. Potential facility equipment disasters can be identified before they even happen because our team is working 24/7 to pinpoint developing problems in energy critical equipment allowing business owners and facility managers to proactively address issues instead of reacting. The EnTouch 360 energy management system saves businesses an average of 15% on energy costs, Energy waste not only hurts the business but the environment as well.

Our energy management service empowers business owners with knowledge to create a better future for the environment and understand the true meaning of going green. Together we can make an impact our futures and create a brighter, energy-efficient future. Please join us in celebrating National Energy Awareness Month by finding ways your company can go green!

Energy Facts and Tips

HVAC is a large part of energy consumption for restaurant and retail businesses, consuming more than 40% of all energy usage. By cutting run times and changing filters, HVAC units are able to last longer and more efficiently. Other methods like installing automated lighting and refrigeration monitoring can also help businesses cut down on energy usage as well. Be sure to check often for cracks or leaks near windows and doors to help reduce the need to change the temperature on the thermostat.
Corner Bakery Goes Green

Spotlight Energy

Last month, our customer Corner Bakery was recognized for their three-year commitment to sustainability by implementing the EnTouch 360 energy management system in their stores. They were able to spend 14.5% less on energy, which saves more than 52,000 kilowatt-hours a year. As a result, their carbon footprint was reduced by 88,000 pounds of C02 per year!

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