10. 6. 2014

Five Key Energy Management Analytics - NFMT

NFMT Vegas

Today, the EnTouch trade show team is traveling to Las Vegas for the 2014 NFMT trade show and Educational Conference to educate building owners and managers about the five key energy management analytics used to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Professionals responsible for the management, operations, maintenance, renovation and construction of commercial buildings will gather with hundreds of suppliers to share the latest advancements, products, services, and technologies in the facilities management industry. This free event will be two days longs and be hosted at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This event is not your average tradeshow - it is packed with innovative, unique events and opportunities designed to connect you with information, people, and resources that will help you enhance your business.

James Walton Our very own VP of Business Development, James Walton, will be speaking at NFMT Vegas about the top 5 energy management analytics every building owner and manager should know.

Energy usage data is fast becoming the most important tool for building owners and managers who are looking to increase their sustainability and boost profitability. But there is a lot of data, and analytics are the tools that make sense of the abundance of data. In this presentation, James will provide an overview of energy management data and of analytics. In addition, he will discuss the five key analytics covering HVAC usage, user behavior and vacancy usage that allow building owners and managers to better manage energy spending and minimize maintenance costs.

The energy management learning objectives consist of:

1. Review the top 5 types of data that building owners can obtain for EMS or BA systems
2. Understand what analytics are and what tools are needed to convert data into analytics
3. Learn the business problems you can impact with analytics
4. List the cost benefits that can be expected from managing with analytics

EnTouch’s energy management services consist of a team of energy experts that work on your behalf - 24/7 to proactively monitor your facilities, optimize HVAC and lighting, identify hidden maintenance issues and save you time NFMT Energy Managementand money. Our energy experts continuously track your energy usage and how it impacts the health of your equipment and bottom line. But we don’t stop there… Our energy experts field all equipment and usage alerts, benchmark and analyze data across your entire enterprise and deliver useful information to effectively reduce energy costs and truck rolls. EnTouch provides an effective way to drive down energy costs, extend HVAC equipment life, and improve overall customer comfort - all the while supporting your sustainability initiatives of reducing the organization’s overall carbon footprint.

Our team will be at booth 629 demonstrating how EnTouch makes energy management easy. Stop by our booth for a chance to Win Big in our NFMT Grand Prize raffle! For more information regarding the convention, go to

See how Smashburger, an explosive fast casual restaurant chain, is utilizing our energy management services today!

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