01. 29. 2014

FES Preview: How Energy Management Helps Franchisees Add Profits

FESlogoNext week, thousands of small-business people will descend on Franchise Expo South (FES) in Houston to find out if a franchise business is right for them.

We’ll be there too, to help them make the next big decision – how to boost the profitability of their franchise retail or restaurant using energy management.

Now that BusinessWeek has realized (see article here) that EnTouch Controls is the fast-growing “Nest for small business,” we want to spread that message far and wide, starting with franchisees.

Making the decision to buy a franchise is no doubt overwhelming as there are many important things to consider, from whether to buy an existing location or create a new one to what the up front cost and expected ROI will be to what the success and failure rate is of a particular franchise opportunity.

But once the franchise is purchased, the list of considerations only grows. Ultimately, franchise owners simply want to keep costs low while keeping profits high.  According to industry estimates, “space heating and air conditioning make up about 25% of a restaurant's energy bill; the largest energy cost next to cooking.”

For franchisees that purchase a new facility, energy management can be built in from the start to ensure the maximum energy efficiency. But older franchise facilities may suffer from inefficiencies and faulty systems, in which case the analytics and expert support of EnTouch 360 are needed to find and remediate these issues.

EnTouch 360 is a suite of support services delivered by an expert team to assist facility managers in managing the energy and maintenance costs of facilities to increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs for national chains without requiring additions to existing operations staff.

These expert technicians are on duty 24/7 to remotely troubleshoot and diagnose facility performance issues.  In addition to reducing energy costs, the EnTouch 360 service can detect maintenance issues usually before employees in the facility, speeding resolution and minimizing the impact on maintenance costs.

Come see us at FES booth 546 to find out more about EnTouch 360 and how we can help keep your franchise profitable with HVAC controls and energy management!

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