09. 20. 2013

Even 24-hour Restaurants Can be More Energy Efficient

franchiseeshowphoto_2It’s franchisee show season, and we’re on the road to meet with restaurant franchisees to introduce them to the benefits of energy management.

Our first stop was in Southern California, where many franchisees wondered: can an EnTouch Controls energy management system make improve their operations and save them money even if they are open 24-hours?

The question is a good one, since most customers think EMS savings comes from better control of HVAC and lighting during periods of vacancy.

But the EnTouch EMS also provides security, limits temperature changes, and has features that optimize comfort and lower HVAC energy usage all day (and night) long.

Attendees also wanted to hear more about EnTouch analytics, which provides the ability to detect poorly performing HVAC systems that are wasting energy – or are about to fail.

When a system has to work without fail 24/7, having any information that allows you to anticipate and plan for a system failure is crucial.

Monitoring and interpreting that data takes a skilled hand, and the discussions at the show invariably turned to “who will do that?”

That’s the latest part of the EnTouch offering, our monitoring center and services.  Every EnTouch customer can view usage data from their mobile device or PC, but the EnTouch monitoring service has trained technicians that can support the restaurant with performance issues or work with a multi-store owner to best plan capital upgrades for HVAC systems.  All in the name of boosting efficiency and lowering energy costs.

Educating these franchisees was a great experience, but after the day was done we headed south for another event.  But more about that in the next blog post.

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