02. 5. 2014

Coming to Franchise Expo South: The Risk-Free Way to Energy Management


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Attendees at Franchise Expo South are experts on balancing risk vs. reward.  They will be walking the aisle of the convention, listening to sales pitches from various franchisors and evaluating whether to sign up with the nationwide proven concept or the to take a chance on the next hottest thing.

Then they’ll come to the EnTouch booth (#546, by the way), but the evaluation will be a little different.  There’s the reward: between 20% and 30% savings on energy bills and lowered maintenance costs. But there’s no risk.


Because at FES, EnTouch is rolling out its Risk-Free Assessment for Enterprises; a program that will spell out all of the likely savings from a new EnTouch Controls Energy Management System upfront with no customer obligation.

EnTouch can do this because it has been working with franchisees of companies such as Chuck E. Cheese, Smashburger, Corner Bakery and Del Taco, and has developed extensive expertise - enough to provide a very accurate assessment of what the energy management ROI will be for any facility.

How it works is that an EnTouch-certified technician will evaluate energy usage, the facility profile and business activities and then will match that up with the right EnTouch hardware and services and report back the results.

The assessments are based on the EnTouch 360 service, which combines award-winning energy management hardware (HVAC, lighting and energy controls), cloud-based analytics and alerting and 24/7 managed services.  When combined, these capabilities equal great energy and maintenance savings without added IT or added work for the facilities staff.

Can there truly be reward without risk? Come to booth #546 at Franchise Expo South (or click here) to find out.

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