10. 6. 2015

Act Now: National Energy Action Month

Did you know that according to ENERGY STAR commercial buildings waste up to 30% of their energy...its a $20B problem.

October is National Energy Action Month and it is the ideal time for facility professionals to be more aware of the energy use of their facilities and "take action" to implement steps to reduce energy use and costs.

Making your facilities more environmentally friendly is good for everyone and such "action" provides great benefits some of which include:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Improve guest comfort
  • Increase bottom-line profits
  • Get your "green" star from "Wall street" and Main Street
  • Gain brand and community respect

To find other ways in which to "take action" - check out the Facility Energy Checklist from the Department of Energy‘s Federal Energy Management Program for energy-saving steps you as a facility professional can implemented with minimal resources.

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