Ten Tips For Facility Managers To Cut Energy Costs

tips for facility managers.jpg
5.10.17 -

Managing energy cost is among the primary duties of facility managers, but understanding this duty and applying it are not always clearly defined. According to Brandon Lorenz of FacilitiesNet, facility managers can work to reduce energy costs by...

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How Effective Facilities Management in Education Industry Creates a Better Learning Environment & Smart Savings

Facilities Management in Education.jpg
5.8.17 -

Tools and resources used in today’s schools should reflect the newest technologies and concepts in science and learning. However, many educational institutions continue operating with traditional facilities management processes in place. However,...

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How Corporate Property Managers Improve Service for Facility Manager Clients Through Technology

facility manager.jpg
5.5.17 -

The world economy depends on corporate real estate (CRE) providers and property managers for affordable spaces to provide services and goods to their clients. Remember the keyword is affordable. Therefore, you need to improve service and cut your...

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How The Internet of Things Enables Smart Facility Environmental Controls

Facility Environmental Controls.jpg
5.3.17 -

When was the last time you replaced an HVAC unit in your company? If it was within the past few years, the chances are good that the new unit has some energy-efficiency rating and resource ready for connection to the Internet of Things (IoT). The...

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IoT Facilities Management: What Are Top Four Benefits of the Internet of Things in Facilities Management?

IOT Facilities management.jpg
5.1.17 -

The power of IoT facilities management derives from data-based decisions and real-world visibility into everyday operations.

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5 Technologies to Improve Building Operations Efficiency

building operations efficiency.jpg
4.28.17 -

The smart building revolution is not a fad on the big screen; it is here. New technologies put the power of the internet in the hands of facilities management leaders, and the trend is an integral component of new buildings and renovations around...

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What’s My Energy Management System Really Saying?

energy management system data.jpg
4.26.17 -

Data collection through Internet of Things-enabled (IoT) sensors gives rise to a mountain of data in energy management. However, facilities management professionals may be uncertain as to what exactly constitutes data gathered from an energy...

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3 Considerations in Managing Facilities for Luxury Retail

facilities management luxury retail.jpg
4.24.17 -

Luxury retailers provide a more elegant and boutique-like atmosphere compared to big box retailers. The customer experience defines a brand’s luxury, and effectively managing facilities for luxury retail means finesse and flawless execution. For...

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5 Reasons Why Technology & Advisory Services from Smart Building Solutions Providers Drive Efficiency & Reduce Costs

smart building solutions providers.jpg
4.21.17 -

What defines scalability in your organization? Is it your ability to respond to changes in your customer base, or does it involve everything?

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Adopting a Holistic Energy Management Strategy Helps Multi-Site Retailers Be More Energy-Efficient

energy management strategy.jpg
4.19.17 -

A successful energy management strategy must consider all factors influencing energy consumption. This includes devices using energy, natural resources required to operate, such as water, load and efficiency of  HVAC systems and much more. While...

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